About Our School
It is not a coincidence that our ministry resides in a small town called Zebulon that was established in 1907 and located just a few miles outside of the capital city of Raleigh, North Carolina. Zebulon is the easternmost part in Wake County. With a population of 5,159 at the 2016 census, Zebulon is part of the Research Triangle metropolitan region. Zebulon is also a biblical name that means "dwelling or habitation". The bible says in Genesis 49:13 that Zebulon will live beside the sea and his shore will be a haven for ships. A haven is essentially a shelter, a safe place, a safe haven, a hub and a sanctuary.

Our name describes what we offer - Healing and Restoration to those who have rested in HRDC’s haven, safe place, hub and sanctuary. Looking for deliverance and breakthrough’s? Look no further. We’re not just a place of worship, we are a training facility and a learning center. We teach people how to live for God, how to live apostolic and prophetic lives, how to speak prophetically, how to have a intimate relationship and develop in intimacy through worshiping the Father in your personal time with him, how to communicate with God and how to pray in such a way that actually produces results. Our Discipleship Center consists of a teachable atmosphere where a person can easily receive understanding and directions as well as receive guidance, emotional, psychological, organizational, interpersonal, physical and spiritual healing. Ultimately it is our desire to "Empower" the Lord's people for daily living. Also we are a place of education that brings divine restoration and prophetic direction to a people who have been called and chosen to do a work for God.

The Instructors
Calvin became a born-again believer in July 1989 and served as a loyal, faithful ordained minister and elder in a Pentecostal church for more than (17) years and afterwards began transitioning into the apostolic-prophetic movement. Calvin began working in the Information Technology (IT) field in 1993 as a Hardware Engineer with companies such as IBM & Lenovo and now has over (24) years of experience in this secular field of work. His ability to perform well has taken him to many areas around the world for training purposes such as Greenock, Scotland, London, England, Frankfurt & Erfurt Germany, Sofia, Bulgaria and several cities within the United States.
And say to Archippus, take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfill it". Colossians 4:17

Kimberly has been a Middle Class Express (MCE) Certified Life Coach for Wake County’s Community Apprentice Program for (8) years. She has served on the Wake County Human Services (WCHS) Human Capital Development Initiative and currently serves on the Community Development Coalition at the WCHS Eastern Regional Center in Zebulon, NC. For (10) years she has served as the Executive Director for her non-profit BAREUP providing family resources and youth services. Kimberly is also an agent for Wake County’s Network of Care and SharePoint program. She has a Certified Minority Business Enterprise status for the State of North Carolina and has earned a Financial Literacy Certificate of Completion from Wake Tech Community College.

Calvin and Kimberly have been married for over (24) years and have (3) wonderful children, a son Calvin Collins, Jr. and two fraternal twin daughters, Karia (pronounced Car-Re-Ah) and Karington (pronounced Care-Ring-Ton) Collins.
Our Offerings
Issachar Institute – This is our special advanced student training sessions offered every 1st and 3rd Wednesday night at 7pm to those who are fully committed and serious about there relationship with God. We provide private online studies, exams, quizzes and weekly assessments. This is solely involved with the fulfillment of God's will in their lives, spiritual development and understanding the roles of the five-fold offices such as the apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist and teacher.

Worship, Prophesying & Teachings – All combined into one class where time is spent worshiping God, as a New Covenant ministry, we allocate time for prophesying that is designed to strengthen the church and those who attend, followed up with strong apostolic-prophetic teachings.

Deliverance, Inner Healing & Mental Therapy – Our team of NC licensed professionals are capable of educating, teaching and offering the need of deliverance, inner healing and mental therapy to those who need it most. We understand people often do and say things without understanding why. We are in the business of helping those who want to be helped.

Generation Next – Our staff is geared up to help transition, transform and redevelop our youth to first love God and secondly, commit to continuing the great commission God gave us all of making disciples. We provide mentoring sessions, youth in ministry training, rap sessions, special event outings and field trips, etiquette, life skills, core values, career goal setting training opportunities, mentoring and life skills

Activate Outreach – These are our Born-Again Believers Outreach locations held at select homes one night out the work week specifically designed to support, strengthen and to provide additional answers concerning their new life in Christ and the road they have committed to travel on in their new Christian journey. Special teachings are done on how to prophesy, how to evangelize, how to pray, how to win in warfare battles and what to do when it comes to family matters.