So What Exactly Is The Apostolic and Prophetic?

Let's begin by saying the word today apostolic has two different meanings. One is tied to a denomination and the other constitutes a lifestyle being lived.

The word apostolic is an English word taken from the Greek word apostolos meaning a delegate, messenger or one who is sent forth with orders. HRDC is one of many apostolic lifestyle teaching facilities worldwide that not only establish learning centers. We also provide basic instructions to people who are looking to change their lives for the better, as well as the lives of others. HRDC is not a denomination. The apostolic lifestyle also means to be apostle-like or likened to that of an early apostles who live dedicate lives for God our Creator. When people come together and agree to identify themselves with this lifestyle, they form what is called an apostolic teams that are SENT to work in strategic areas on special assignments to help reform the body of Christ.

The word prophetic is an English word taken from the Hebrew word "nabiy" meaning spokesman or speaker. This refers to a Holy Spirit filled person who has learned to hear the voice of the Lord and has been instructed by the Lord as a spokesman or speaker to release these words into the lives of other people and more as directed by the Lord. What's being released from them are words that are designed to edify, exhort, encourage, build up, strengthen, offer words of wisdom, directions and guidance in individuals day to day living.

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